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Barry Byrne has been a marriage and family therapist for over 30 years, as well as a devoted student of God’s Word. He has ministered at Bethel Church in Redding, California, in the Transformation Center both as a teacher and supervisor to the counselors. His wisdom, experience and anointing in the area of Spirit-led inner-healing are powerfully matched with the Father’s heart of love to bring about life-changing breakthrough for hundreds of clients and participants.

Lori Byrne is a fourth-generation pastor with a strong gift of discernment and the prophetic. Having counseled people for years within the church, she draws from a vast wealth of wisdom and experience in connecting and building intimate relationships in the body of Christ.

Barry and Lori have been married since 1979, and currently reside in Redding, CA and are on staff at Bethel Church. The delight of their lives are their 4 adult sons, daughters in law and grandchildren, who are all involved in various ways with their ministry.




Dave & Lisa have been married for 20 years and have 3 children. They live in beautiful Kingscliff on the Queensland and New South Wales border. Both have been involved and served in the church for over 30 years, and have a passion to see lives changed. They believe that their ministry is to see marriages strengthened, so decided to attend a LAM Workshop in Redding, California in 2013.

Dave and Lisa have been involved in facilitating LAM Workshops since returning and recently broadened their calling to include singles and are now facilitating the Single Life Workshop.

Both have a passion to see all relationships strengthened and individuals positioned for healthy, Godly marriages. They love to see Holy Spirit move and bring about healing and restoration.




Graeme & Andrea have been married since 2010. They have 5 adult children and 10 grandchildren and live in country Victoria .

Graeme is self employed and Andrea coordinates administration for NHM Australasia and liaises with churches throughout our nation after 25yrs as a RN midwife .

They attended their first Love After Marriage 6mths into their marriage, recognising the need to find a way to work through the heart restoration they both required from past traumas and negative experiences to safeguard their own marriage .

To date, with Holy Spirit, they have facilitated around 30 NHM workshops, including LAM intensives, LAM & SLW weekly workshops and Spirit Connection Training Intensives.

Graeme & Andrea were commissioned in 2017 by NHM Directors Barry & Lori Byrne to step into the role of Regional Coordinators-AU, to walk shoulder to shoulder with an incredible community of people that live out the Nothing Hidden lifestyle .

They have witnessed amazing miracles in individuals, families, communities and churches over the years serving with NHM .

They feel privileged to be part of what God is doing around Australia & New Zealand.

Graeme & Andrea carry a mother & fathers heart for Australasia and are passionate about equipping and releasing people into their God given purpose.



David and Ruth Watson were married in January 1971. They are blessed to have two married daughters, a married son and a single daughter and eighteen grandchildren – so far!!!   They have spent many years ministering to people of all ages and while that ministry brought its rewards, their marriage suffered because Godly boundaries were lacking.

In 2014, while visiting their youngest daughter, a BSSM student in Redding USA, they attended a Love After Marriage five day intensive resulting in a journey of challenge and change which continues until the present.  In 2015, they returned to Bethel to attend a Spirit Connection intensive and were so blessed that they felt compelled to share with Brisbane couples the wonderful news “that heaven wants to help” those who long for more in their marriage.

In Nov 2018, David & Ruth moved to Taupo, New Zealand.

In the courses they’ve run so far, in Brisbane & Taupo, the breakthroughs have continued and it has been a great joy to see other couples also receive the restoring and healing touch of Father.



Andrew and Jacqueline Phoon have been involved with NHM since 2013 when they attended their first Love After Marriage workshop in Perth, Western Australia. The workshop has so impacted their marriage and family, that they’ve made what they have learned in the workshop part of their lives.

Andrew and Jacqueline have been married for over 26 years and have two adult children. They have a deep passion to see healing and restoration in marriages and have been facilitating LAM workshops whenever possible. Facilitating LAM workshops have given them the opportunity to experience the work of the Holy Spirit in bringing freedom to couples desiring breakthroughs for their marriages.



Deon and Marion married in 2010 having both endured the pain and trauma of divorce. Deon became an instant father of three teenage girls (scary indeed!)
They attended a LAM workshop within the first year of their marriage and experienced healing and breakthrough, both individually and as a couple.

After leading LAM 1 and 2 they were invited to attend SCT in Redding CA in 2014. They returned even more passionate about partnering with Holy Spirit and NHM to see individuals and couples set free from any hindrance or bondage that would prevent them from experiencing the marriage God desires for them.

They personally use the tools they learned through NHM and continue to be set free from anything that doesn’t align with Kingdom and God’s best for their marriage.




Amedeo & Antoinetta have been married for 32 years and not long after having their first child, accepted Jesus into their lives.
They have been serving in the church with their three boys and two grandchildren ever since.

Their marriage has not been an easy ride; like a rollercoaster of continuous marital issues with no resolution in sight. As a result, they often felt conflicted to be ministering to other couples on the subject of marriage.

It wasn’t until close friends of theirs shared the breakthrough they received through an intensive workshop, that Jesus decided to pull the emergency brake off their dysfunctional marriage and freed them from that ride.
They attended their first LAM intensive workshop in February of 2019.
They have since seen God do amazing things not only in their marriage, but in the way they interact with their families and the people around them.
Within this short time, they have facilitated two LAM Intensive workshops, two SCT workshops and have led a weekly LAM Program.
They have a passion to see other marriages and families set free from their own roller-coaster rides and for them to experience the same transformation they have received. 

Antoinetta and Amedeo Vicario.jpg


Branko & Sue Maric_edited.jpg

Branko and Sue Maric were married in March 1994 and have three children, two adult girls and a teenage boy.  

They attended their first Love After Marriage weekly workshop in Feb 2016 and have seen tremendous breakthrough in their own lives and the lives of their family.  

Based in Melbourne, Branko is the National Sales Manager of an international IT company and Sue is ministering in a local inner city church.  

The tools and skills that they have learnt through the workshops have been so effective that they have integrated them into their everyday lives.  

They have seen the Holy Spirit do incredible things in marriages both in the weekly workshops and the intensives and feel both humbled and blessed to have been able to facilitate in these workshops.

They long to see marriages set free to be all that God intended and know that nothing is impossible with God.



Brett&Tracy Hilton.jpg

Brett and Tracy were married in 1998 in Esperance and have 5 Children and 3 Grandchildren and now reside in Tuart Hill in Perth WA
They have been involved in Ministry for over 20 years working with People who struggle with Life Controlling issues such as addiction. 

They first attended a LAM Intensive in July 2014 and were profoundly impacted by the depth and honesty that LAM brought about.  They thought they were simply going to the Intensive to support another couple and would receive a tune up for their marriage.  What they received was a complete life-changing overhaul.

It was after this that their desire increased to see couples and families walk in the freedom that is available through this Holy Spirit led course.  They still use the Lam tools and desire to both continue to have a Godly, Spirit Led marriage that is a witness to others.



Alan & Leanne have been married since March 1986 and are parents to 4 daughters and a son and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their first grandchild in 2019.

They live on the Gold Coast in SE QLD. Throughout their years together Alan & Leanne have always been committed to investing in and enriching their marriage to better reflect the love of Jesus.


Having recently completed LAM Workshop in Tweed Heads Alan & Leanne have caught the passion & vision of the ministry to see couples experience the kind of marriage that God had always planned for them – filled with all the love, intimacy, hope & satisfaction that our Heavenly Dad can provide.




Simon and Sharee were married in 1994 and have four children.   They first attended Love After Marriage in 2012 following a season of relational challenges.  They are experienced in facilitating both LAM1 & LAM2. 


Love After Marriage equipped them with the tools for building intimacy and connection, taking their relationship from hurt to wholeness.  The breakthrough was two-fold, with their family also being impacted in a powerful way.

In partnership with Holy Spirit, Sharee and Simon are committed to not only deepening their love and intimacy but to seeing other couples experience the restoration and emotional, spiritual and sexual oneness that is possible with God.




Marcelo and Luchi Miranda are high school sweethearts who met in grade 12 and have been together ever since.  

They were married in 2000 and have 3 wonderful sons 15, 13 and 11. They live in Brisbane’s Southside and belong to the Glory City church community.  

They have served within the church’s new believers team/program which disciples new Christians who respond at the alter call.

Luchi is also the Counselling Coordinator for the Academy (Bible college ministry of Glory City Church) and the Operating Manager for Priceless House.  

Marcelo has been in the finance industry for over 20 years and has a ministry diploma.  

They are both passionate to see lives restored and fully aligned with what the Lord has for them. They passionately believe in God’s restoration power in marriages and have recently attended the LAM intensive in Redding California.

Since taking part in this, their hunger to see strong marriages and families has been reignited.  They are eager and expectant to see revival come through marriages and families.



Rick & Audrey were married in 2003 and attended a 5 Day Love After Marriage Intensive, led by Barry & Lori Byrne, in Redding USA 2017.  They experienced a deep encounter where God revealed the fullness of what He intended marriage to be - a place of love, connection, safety, joy and passion!  God also revealed the power and unity that comes by inviting Him into all areas of their marriage relationship to heal and lead.  LAM equipped Rick & Audrey with powerful tools so they were able to fully hold, love and honour each others hearts.

Having attended a further two LAM Intensives in Australia and seeing how heaven wants to invade marriages,  they are now leading LAM Weekly Workshops in their home church in beautiful Byron Bay, NSW.  They are so excited to see individuals and marriages set free to flourish into all that God has designed them to be.




Chris & Ivana were married in December 1996 in Port Stephens NSW. Both experienced the trauma, pain and destruction that divorce brings. They have twin adult sons and now all reside in Brisbane QLD.

They spent many long years seeking answers to the troubles that beset their relationship. Seeing very little shift in the day to day effects of the brokenness and disfunction that continued to spiral out of control. That was until they attended a LAM workshop in 2017. To quote them... "for the first time we could truly see what was working against our marriage, connection, intimacy, and finances. It was not of a natural nature but a spiritual nature that was hidden and working against us. Breakthrough started immediately within weeks! Our triggers were healed, and love and oneness started to flood in like never before. We use the tools we learned, in the workshop, on a daily basis and continue to grow in freedom and oneness".

Chris & Ivana have a dynamic and powerful testimony of Holy Spirit transforming, healing and resurrecting their 22 years of desperately broken marriage. They are passionate workshop leaders desiring to see others experience and receive the same transforming breakthrough they have received by Holy Spirit through LAM workshops.



YATES Bevan and Carol.jpg

Bevan and Carol consider their story as one of hope as orchestrated by the "God of second chances". They have both experienced the cruel blow of divorce and each struggled with single parenting until they met the hand of God, and then married in 2004. Together they have 9 children (7 surviving) and 12 grandchildren.

Their love for each other has been strong from the outset. The God-centred marriage they have adopted lead them to attend Love After Marriage in Redding 
California in 2013. They felt lead to travel to America to attend the five day intensive as a means of strengthening their own bond, coupled with a strong desire to participate in the outworking of this ministry here in Australia.

Hervey Bay is a small seaside town on the Fraser Coast of Queensland and lends itself well to family holidays and retreats. They were inspired to begin a boutique style retreat for small numbers of couples to come and be ministered to in a private and healing space over a period of 3 days. They have seen such beautiful healing in the presence of God as couples prioritize their relationships and start their journey of growth in God as a couple.




Michael and Tracey Walmsley have been married for almost 25 years. They were born and raised in England in different towns, but met at the University of Birmingham, where Tracey studied dentistry and Michael civil engineering. Although studying very different subjects, their common passion for gymnastics brought them together. During their time at university, they remained friends and it wasn’t until after they had both graduated, that their friendship blossomed into a romance. Within one month of dating, they knew that they were to meant to be together and were married one year later.
Apart from a love of gymnastics, both Michael and Tracey also had a strong desire to serve the Lord oversees. This led them to spending more than 12 years in overseas missions, in places like Uganda, Nepal, Tibet and China. During that time, they had two children; Sophie and Matthew. In 2011, Michael and Tracey felt the Lord calling them to leave the mission field and emigrate to Australia. So, in January 2012, they shipped all their belongings from China and England, to set up home in Albany, WA, where they have been ever since.
They became Australian Citizens in January 2018.
Michael and Tracey are part of a small Pentecostal church in Albany, called Pioneer Family Church. However, they have a vision and calling to serve the wider community of believers in Albany.
Their journey with Nothing Hidden Ministries and LAM, started with a real burden to help

the numerous broken marriages they were seeing in the church. They hosted and attended the first LAM intensive workshop in Albany in 2016 and experienced some amazing break through, for both their own and other couple’s marriages.

They later started the 18 weeks course and witnessed some dramatic restorations of marriages during that time.

They continue to minister to individual couples who God brings to their door and are looking to expand that work to churches other than their own.

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